Indie Fantasy Addicts

The 2nd ifa Anthology!

Angel Haze

Dark epic fantasy author obsessed with magic, adventure, and morally grey characters.

Rachel Rener

Bestselling author of contemporary fantasy, lover of Oxford commas and shiny rocks.

Allegra Pescatore

Own-voices disabled author of gaslamp & arcanepunk fantasy.

Andy Peloquin

The darkest of Epic Fantasy!

Christopher Russell

Writing epic fantasy with a steampunk twist.

Alora Carter

Where good wins, love conquers all, and science is magic.

Cully Mack

English author who loves writing about mythology from ancient Mesopotamia.

D.W. Hawkins

Author of grimdark fantasy and notorious supervillain.

Dan Zangari

An Engineer by day who translates those skills into writing fantastical worlds.

Jeffrey Bardwell

Grimdark author who keeps his blades sharp and his wits sharper.

Justin Fike

Fantasy author and content creator crazy enough to believe that great stories can change the world.

Lee C Conley

Sword fighting, guitar slinging, author of fantasy horror.

Lesley Donaldson

Creates stories and video games with characters people love, or love to hate.

Moud Adel

Growing up in Egypt, I always wanted to be a pharaoh, but now, all I want is to tell stories as great as theirs.

R.G. Long

Dad to three adventurous girls who writes epic fantasy.

R.l. Davennor

Author of fantasy and science fiction, a musician and composer, and a creature of the night.

Robert Zangari

Joining his father's fictional ventures who enjoys bringing the little details of the Legends of Kalda universe to life.