Indie Fantasy Addicts

The Inaugural IFA Anthology!

Bethany Hoeflich

Fantasy author and narwhal wrestler

Angel Haze

Dark epic fantasy author obsessed with magic, adventure, and morally grey characters

Miri C. Golden

Banger of words, purveyor of magic, and student of the human condition

JC Kang

Author of Asian Fantasy, Instigator of calamities

Rachel Rener

Bestselling author of contemporary fantasy, lover of Oxford commas and shiny rocks

Eileen Mueller

Kiwi author of award-winning dragon adventures and YA fantasy

Jeff Bacon

An author with morbid desires to entertain you

Aaron Hodges

Kiwi author of epic fantasy and scifi

Eric T Knight

Epic fantasy author and outdoor enthusiast

J.T. Williams

Author of dark sword and sorcery and voted 'Most Likely To Stab You With Your Own Bone.'

Jamie Edmundson

Author of epic & humorous Fantasy

Sarah K. L. Wilson

USA Today bestselling YA fantasy author

Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Bestselling epic fantasy author who loves magic, adventure, and quirky characters

Jacob Peppers

Author of the bestselling epic fantasy series The Seven Virtues

Zaid Samer Alshattle

A Reader, a Writer, an Engineer

Stacey Trombley

Casino pit boss by night, NA fantasy author by day.

D.W. Hawkins

Author of grimdark fantasy and notorious supervillain

Joe Jackson

Bean counter and author of epic fantasy and horror

J.P. Burnison

Author and lover of fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi and many other genres

Allegra Pescatore

Own-voices disabled author of gaslamp & arcanepunk fantasy

Christopher Russell

Writing epic fantasy with a steampunk twist

J.E. Mueller

Own-voices LGTBQ author of magical mischief & YA fantasy