Welcome to the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge

2022 Summer Challenge

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IFA Summer Reading Challenge 2022

What is it?

Only the biggest, baddest, coolest reading competition out there!!!! Any IFA member who wants to join can pick a team, earn points for the books they read, and win fabulous prizes! It starts June 1st and runs through September 21st, so you'll have plenty of time to vanquish even the most intimidating TBR list!

How does it Work?

All you have to do is post about what you're reading, tag them with #IFASummerChallenge22, and share your thoughts on the books (per our Review Guidelines) so the rest of us can discover more amazing adventures! If you can also tag your team, that would be awesome!

When you've finished your first book and posted your review, head on over here to claim your points!

By the way, in addition to the regular individual scoreboard, both authors and readers have the opportunity to join a team for even more fun, bonus points, and free goodies! If you haven't signed up for a team or you'd like to be randomly assigned, read on!

Where do I sign up?

Right here! To get the full experience, make sure to sign up before the contest starts, but don't worry if you miss the deadline. Anyone is welcome to join at any point throughout the summer!

How do I log my points?

You get 1 point for every 10 pages you read (not counting the first 10, but you needed to warm up anyways, right?). Check out the handy graphic to show you the point system in action! You can also get bonus points in all sorts of ways. Read on to find out!

When you've earned your first few points, head on over here to claim them!

Once you get on a roll, they pile up quick! Why, you'll be sitting on a mountain of points like a dragon on a hoard of gold in no time.

Do All Books Count?

Indie Fantasy Addicts is a fantasy focused group. As such, we only allow fantasy books by indie authors. You can find tons here, but if you're ever not sure about whether a book counts, please check out our "How to Tell if a Book is Indie" flowchart, found here. Still confused? Feel free to reach out to an Admin. We're pros at sorting out indies from trads, and can quickly check to see if a book qualifies as fantasy or not.

Good thing there are as many flavors of fantasy as heads on a hydra!

What activities are there?

There are lots of ways to earn bonus points! Here they all are:

  • Join a group and earn up to 10 bonus points a week with group games. Not sure how? Check IFA's Facebook group for the team signup announcement, or ask an Admin if you're joining late.

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, participate in author games in the group! Check the Point Tracking FAQ for a complete list!

  • Go on an adventure with the Adventure Wheel to win up to 750 bonus points! Find out more here!

  • Read a Featured Read or twelve, and get 50 bonus points each on top of the normal points you earn for the book! Find them here!

Are There Prizes?

There sure are. Our awesome authors donate tons of signed books, ebooks, audiobooks, swag, and more. Plus, IFA is throwing in some gift cards to feed your book addiction. This year readers will be sorted into one of three prize pools depending on how many points they earn! See the graphic for a sample of the loot!


Main Competition (500-5000 points)

Heavyweight (5000+ points)

Lightweight (Fewer than 500 points)