Review Guidelines


Copy and paste / restate the book blurb.

Tell us you liked / didn’t like the book without stating why.

Drop an Amazon / Goodreads link without copying the review text.

Give us a rundown of the summary without including your thoughts/opinions.

DO include at least 3 of the following:

Tell us about your favorite character.

What you liked / favorite aspect of the story and why.

Give us a short summary of the plot (do not copy and paste from the book blurb).

Give us a comparable title, such as, “Fans of [TITLE] will really like this!”

Something you would have liked to see more / less of.

Character art / gifs / or images (original or borrowed) that remind you of a character or scene.


Reviews that include the book’s cover get a lot more views and attention!

Please also consider using hashtags to let us know the subgenre (#steamy, #epic, #S&S)

If there are big triggers (such as on-page r*pe/SA/animal suffering), consider using a TW in your review.

Anything else that helps us decide whether or not to add the book you reviewed to our own TBR pile!

And in case you're up in the air about whether a book will count for the challenge...

Still have questions? Message an admin, moderator, or team captain!