Adventure Wheel

Adventure Wheel FAQ

What is the Adventure Wheel?
The Adventure Wheel is a brilliant challenge that encourages IFA readers to step outside of their comfort zone and read books they normally wouldn't.

How many bonus points is it worth?
The first wheel you complete is worth 500 additional points. The second wheel you complete is 250 additional points.

Do I also get the normal amount of points for each book?
Yes! Completing the wheel gives you an ADDITIONAL 500 (or 750) points, in addition to the normal points per book.

I've completed the Adventure Wheel, how do I get my points?
Mark it on your book review sheet and we'll automatically count it!

How many times can I complete the Adventure Wheel?
You are welcome to complete more than two wheels, but those will not be counted as bonus points, or as extra raffle entries.

Can a book count for multiple categories?
You must choose one category per book.

Do short stories and novellas count?
This year, stories under 100 pages (as per their paperback versions) will not count.

Some of these aren't genres I read. Do you have any suggestions?
Yes! We have a whole list of suggestions that can be found here. Otherwise, just ask for suggestions in IFA and you'll get loads of brilliant recommendations from other readers!

The Adventure Wheel is one of several ways to earn more points during the Summer Reading Challenge. 

Check out our categories and FAQs for more details, and have fun on your grand reading adventure!

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