Point Tracking

Report your points with our handy form! Remember to always edit your previous entry instead of submitting a new one! Have questions? Check out our handy FAQ below!

point tracking FAQs

Please Read

Do I have to fill the form out every time I read a book?

No! In fact, as long as you always edit the same submission, the form will remember all your previous answers. All you have to do each time you come back to it is check off any new games, and add to your growing list of books! 

How do I find out how many pages this book has?

To be fair to all readers, we have decided to standardize all book lengths. Please use the PAPERBACK pagecount, as it appears on AMAZON. 

If there are multiple paperback editions with differing page counts, please pick the one closest in size to 5'' x 8'' or 6'' x 9'', as they are the standards for indie fantasy. 

Do all books count?

Nope! Only Indie Fantasy. It's in the name. But how do you define fantasy? Well, we mostly let you decide how much magic, dragons, other worlds, fantastical races, and ancient curses count as fantasy, but there are a handful of genres we don't allow:

Check our Review Guidelines for more detail on PNR

What happens if I lose my edit link?

Check your email! You should have received an email with a link to edit your entry. If you deleted that too, as long as you're using the same browser/google profile, it should prompt you to edit your entry! If you happen to outsmart it, go to one of our Admin and they'll help you out. 

Should I erase my list of books and replace it with the new ones I've read?

NO! Please just add books to the bottom of your list. If you delete them, we may not be able to recover them for you! As a bonus, that means you'll have your whole list of books in one place.